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Awards, Merits and Accolades

The successes and success story of The Hope Valley Clinic has not escaped national/international attention and recognition by the very public that has benefited from the over 400 babies delivered through our assisted reproductive technique.

As a result the unit has been showered with numerous awards depicting the various aspects of our services. These include the following:

  • DINMA (Development in Nigeria Merit Award): for excellence in medical science, Abuja, 2007.
  • Diamond Award for Professional Excellence in Human Medicine: Lagos, December, 2005
  • The West Africa Direct Marketing Merit Award of Excellence in Infertility Services.
  • African ICON of our Generation Award (Abuja 2007): for being a beacon of hope for the nation and Africa as a whole in the discharge of our services.
  • African Week Lifetime Achievement Gold Award (Abuja 2008): for excellent contribution, achievement in the field of medicine and service to Humanity in Nigeria and Africa.
  • Royal Merit Gold Award for Distinction (RM GAD) Abuja 2008: for unsolicited selfless service to humanity and nation building in Nigeria.